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Circling the cage


Feeling trapped by circumstances is one way to drive yourself into serious depression. Many people – and animals – become depressed when they feel that they cannot change their circumstances for the better. Bumping up against a brick wall or the end of a chain continually will cause them to quit trying and curl up […]



As usual, my default position to making serious changes in my life was: It’s just too much! Maybe I can’t really change it, anyway. Perhaps as a financially insecure, single woman of 58, I should just ‘settle for what I’ve got’. But, should I really accept that advice? I had taken great responsibility for others […]


Survival Secrets, Anyone?

Ok, I admit it. I was a woman 58 years old and going nowhere. Going nowhere fast, in my estimation, because I’d already lived over half my life. I’d lived long enough for a number of things to go awry. One panicky morning I sat up in bed, shoved the cat over and said: “Yikes! […]

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