iStock_000018773573MediumCome on! Admit it! A lot of us aging Baby Boomers would like to be younger. At least, we’d like to look younger. Potions, pills and even surgeries are big beauty business these days. And yes, friend, it costs money……….because it often works!

The problem is this: That newly sculpted face is going to look rather incongruous sitting atop my sagging body, right? So of course I will not be entirely satisfied. I will want the next step! There is body sculpting, too!

But, let’s get real. Most of us don’t really want to do that! Even with the thousands spent on facial rejuvenation and a complete body sculpt……..I’m going to be the same old woman underneath the veneer. I’m going to have the same old health problems, the same old stiffness, the same old forgetfulness.


But I’m not a person who gives up on an idea, are you? And no, I’m not contemplating a second job to finance my Brand New Body!

What if I told you there was a way to achieve the same ends for no cost but motivation and perseverance?

(Oh Stop It! I’m not selling my special elixir for $9.95 a month!)

There is a way, and it addresses the down-deep issues of aging and frailty. Because what we really want, if we think it over, is health and well-being.

Dr. Brett Osborn, one of the nation’s leading neurosurgeons and wellness experts, has come up with a better way to turn back the clock on aging that doesn’t rely on expensive pills, potions, or surgical procedures.
In his new book, “Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness,” Dr. Osborn outlines a simple five-step fitness program that reverses aging by building muscle, which he calls the key to health and longevity.
In his book, Dr. Osborn addresses the D-word,  disease. 
Our ability to fight off disease resides in our muscles,” says Dr. Osborn, a New York University-trained board-certified neurological surgeon with a secondary certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. “The greatest thing you can do for your body is to build muscle.” (Newsmax Health)
A lot of us have become sold on cardio and aerobic endurance training. If you are like me, you may take an occasional walk. You may even schedule a walk daily, like a good girl.
However, a lot of us trundle away on that treadmill for hours, and never really lose that big butt, or that fat stomach.
What’s up with that?!
Three key words: Muscle Burns Fat.
Until I grasped that concept, I didn’t change much of anything about my health or my body. In fact, the great inequality is that men often lose fat faster than women do! It’s extremely unfair, though I doubt it’s part of the War on Women.
Men lose weight well with exercise and muscle-building because of testosterone, the T-word of male desire.  In fact, muscle-building builds testosterone for men.
But, what about women? Oh, yes, you need testosterone, too! In fact, according to Go Ask Alice….which I did! Exercise, particularly muscle-building, increases libido in both men and women! Yes!
I know. Some of you are saying…… big deal. I don’t care.
But, here’s the real butt- kicker: Fat plays a very suspicious role in bodily functions, sending out hateful  little chemical messages that increase inflammation…….and we know what that means! Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure.
Dr. Osborn explains that muscle is the “fat-burning furnace” of the body. Building muscle also improves metabolism and insulin sensitivity, and reduces the risk of developing diabetes and other diseases promoted by inflammation.
“It exerts anti-inflammatory effects on the body,” he adds, noting “the vast majority of … age-related diseases – cancer, diabetes cerebrovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke, etc. — these are all inflammatory diseases.” (Newsmax Health.)
But changing all that stuff will take effort and motivation, won’t it?
Yes it will, friend……………stay tuned.