That the only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.

People have advised me not to write a book like this.
After all, a narrative so odd, so out in left field, could ruin what credibility I have. I might be viewed as, well, a bit strange, possibly a religious fanatic or a conspiracy buff. That would never do, would it?
So, yes, I am aware of your skepticism.
Nevertheless, I ask you:
Might there be a vanished history hidden from us, veiled in the shadows of millennia past?

Could there be a time in shrouded antiquity when uncanny civilizations ruled the universe and through catastrophe, tumbled into oblivion?
Certain eminent rabbis concur that previous worlds were created and destroyed several times in the distant past.

Some archeologists now postulate that human advancement did not progress in a straight line from cave communication to computer readouts. Terrible cataclysms occurred along the way, and ancient literature suggests a preternatural interference from those who can only be described as other.
What relevance do empty, lifeless planets and the aberrant beings said to have occupied them have for us today? Could there be a subtle influence, a deliberate manipulation threading through governing bodies and media messages?
The answer to that question is quite different than you may have been told.

Anne Lafferty Books,