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Default position, anyone? As usual, my default position to making serious changes in my life was: It’s just too much! Maybe I can’t really change it, anyway. Perhaps as a financially insecure, single woman of 58, I should just...

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Okay, I admit it. I was a woman 58 years old and going nowhere. Going nowhere fast, in my estimation, because I’d already lived over half my life. I’d lived long enough for a number of things to go awry. One panicky morning I...

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How Fast You Walk Determines How Long You will live! Did you know that, as soon as you walk into the doctor’s office, she can assess your potential for long life? That’s without even checking your vitals! Oh, come on! I know I’m...

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Hi I’m Anne,

Want the truth? I went from skinning a deer and roasting the meat over a campfire to dining in the finest restaurants in the USA. Do I prefer one over the other? No. Living your life fully is about living your dreams in the NOW, about taking the air castle of your Life’s Vision and stacking the bricks in Real Time. How does a person do that? By creating a passionate Vision for themselves. Once that passion hits the fan, there’s no turning back! We are older women who have lived long enough and hard enough to come up with the goods. Join us and learn how we got fit, raised grandchildren, parented parents, fell in love, sought God, started a business. It’s Survival of the Finest, friend! Meet us here! contact me @