photo[1]If you were forced to jettison all you possess but could keep one item or asset, what would that be?

Hmmm……..I’d keep my bulging bank account, wouldn’t you? Or, maybe all those family pictures! Oh, I know! I don’t want to give up being beautiful!

 But wait! I love my new Lexus!  And I can’t live without my garden!

Come on! I’m a deep and thoughtful person. I want to sustain my vital relationships with family.

No, I think I have a mission for world peace. I’ll keep that ideal.

All of these are important items, assets, ideals.  But, there’s one thing that you carry around with you all the time, and you couldn’t live without it.

It’s your body, friend.

Most of us women like to decorate our bodies, but oftentimes, I’m afraid we sadly neglect them. Unless, of course, a new ache or pain surfaces. In fact, many of us over 55 women are sadly lacking in just general bodily maintenance…. and  I’m not talking proper hair-coloring, makeup and nail polish, here!

Yes, I know that we are constantly busy! But, loss of muscle tone and bodily strength is very sneaky! When we are young, little maintenance is required. Things just sort of configure themselves naturally. But, as we grow older, the Law of Diminishing Returns comes into play. The Law of Diminishing Returns returns you to your recliner with a ‘plop’. It causes you to become breathless while walking and conversing. It slows your gait. It gains your weight.

Let’s think in a practical way. If your house was on fire, could you climb out a window and save yourself? Could you hike a mile if you had to? Are you able to run……at all?!

The complacent answer: But I don’t have to.

Maybe some people in Ukraine didn’t think they would have to, either. Maybe people surprised by floods or storms didn’t imagine running for their lives, either.

Just how fit are you, really? Some day you may be called upon to prove that, and your life and the lives of others may just depend upon it. Your future certainly depends on it!

Our lives today consist of much inactivity, and if we’re older, we think we’ve earned that. We view our Diminishing Returns as simply the effect of growing older, and accommodate our lives to it.

Sorry! Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If we were to test ourselves, the results would show us to be incredibly coddled and sissified.  


Don’t believe me? Why don’t you just test yourself?

Start by walking a mile at a brisk pace.