images (12)What do you say about yourself? What are the words you use most often when you describe your endeavors, or what you may want to do in the future?

Do you say things like:

“I’m going to run for a political office next year, and I think I have a good chance of winning!”

Or, “Think I’ll learn to play the guitar.”

And maybe, “I know I’m a valued employee at my company!”

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But maybe, just maybe, you speak more the way I did.

Stuff like: “I’m too old to start now!”

“I’d like to write a book, but I doubt I ever will.”

And for every woman over 50:

“Men just look right through me!”

Jesus Christ said, You can have what you SAY. He spoke the truth, as usual.

Well, Christianity is an unpopular religion after all, so what Jesus said doesn’t cut it for me. 

Really? You’d be surprised. Because I don’t recall reading that a person had to be a Christian to have what she SAYS. In fact, people do it all the time!

For instance, the ‘I can’ts’ are pretty popular.

Oh, I just can’t lose weight! I just can’t spell! I can’t move away, even for a new job!

So what happens? You guessed it. Prophecy fulfilled.

But let’s take John Grisham the author, as an example. He believed in himself and the books he wrote. He had so much faith in them that, when a publisher didn’t pick them up he sold “A Time To Kill  out of the trunk of his car! He also went door to door trying to sell copies.

Jesus said, “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed…”

Faith is like a thing. Faith in yourself is grown from a seed by the way you SPEAK to yourself and others about your plans. The Bible says God SPOKE the worlds into being. Sounds pretty strange, doesn’t it? If that’s too far-out to consider, consider this:

When he got a foot in someone’s front door, I’m willing to bet that John Grisham didn’t say,

“I’m not sure my books are any good. But, why don’t you buy one and see?”

No, I’m willing to bet he didn’t SAY that. Poor salesmanship.

Faith in oneself grows with practice. Rich people have faith in making money because they do it all the time. They have CONFIDENCE. But hey, they didn’t always. At some point, a lot of rich people were broke. Like Colonel Sanders. He didn’t come up with the Kentucky Fried idea until he was in his 70’s.

And you’re thinking, by the time I’m 70+ I won’t care! (That’s called giving up, by the way.)

Colonel Sanders  failed multiple times. But, he didn’t fail to have faith. He didn’t give up.

At some point, we have to learn to like OURSELVES and to have faith in in ourselves. This is a common failing of women. Somehow we are always apologizing and making excuses and worrying about doing the right thing and saying the right thing and so forth. Few men ever think that way. A man just goes ahead and does it and lets the chips fall where they may. A man learns as he goes.

Sounds kinda sexist, huh?

I wanted to write books, but I really didn’t know how to write an entire novel. I did it anyway. Was it easy?

Ha ha.

Does anyone read them? Well, you’re reading this, aren’t you? Check out the drop-down on the home page  that says BOOKS.

We all have excuses about why we don’t follow our dreams. But they are just that, excuses. And as soon as we get over that, we will progress.

Oh, but what if I say it and it doesn’t happen and I fail and I look stupid?! 

So what? I’ll bet nobody WRITES THAT DOWN. Because everybody else out there is having failures and reversals and successes, too.

Don’t give your power away.

Start telling yourself the positive. You can have what you SAY.