What are your possibilities?

Most of us have that good old American work ethic. If you haven’t been inoculated  by the age of 50, you are a rare one!  Be that as it may, most of us have been forced into production by now.  We stay busy every minute of every day.  Like hoeing a garden, we watch where we are going, and try to remove rocks and roots that impede us. Rarely, though, do we envision the end of the row. Even more rarely do we stop and actually think about the green and growing surroundings of the garden, or how it’s going to appear when we are all finished.

We do the same old thing every day.

Every day we hoe back and forth, staying in the same old ruts, slashing out the same old weeds that appear over and over again.  The downside of this ‘busy-ness’ is that eventually we fail to look up anymore. All we see is the same dark, rutted pathway.  In doing so, we fail to see a vital ‘P’ word,  Possibilities. We are too busy “just for now!” Just for now we are: Parenting a parent, checking the email, making a meal, fussing over the cat, worrying about a child or grandchild,  doing the 9 to 5 work day – or the 10 to 6! And there’s always that eternal housecleaning that I slapped through on my days off.  

Days off! A misnomer.

Life isn’t all work – is it?

Of course, life isn’t all work!! I mean, a lot of it is watching TV, playing computer games, posting what we made for dinner on social media……what I call, (sorry!) stupid stuff.

Is running in  a rut really living?

Soon the day is done. Lots of people, like I did, think wasting time is living. This is what life is really about. What else is there? I lived in the moment.  Which would be okay if enjoying that particular, precious moment was my goal.

Ha ha! Right. Mindlessly hoeing a dirt furrow isn’t what I would call a ‘precious moment’ ready to slip away! In fact, I wouldn’t call that really living at all. I was just getting through my day.

What are your plans for tomorrow?

The second ‘P’ word involves Plans. Some people confuse ‘plans’ with ‘a bucket list’. Like, someday I want to visit India, or Egypt, ride a camel or camp out in the Grand Canyon.  Sorry, no.

Plans involve making deliberate choices that will affect our future, and then coming up with deliberate steps to make that happen.

I decided not to waste any more time. I knew I wouldn’t be getting that time back.