CARROLL RYGH SUMPTUOUS SOAPS! The very name sounds opulent and rich! These beautiful bars are infused with delicate fragrances, touched with a swirl of natural oils and glycerins, deepened with textured marigold and lavender petals, alive with  botanicals, milks and earth clays.

QjFDRUMwNTBGMTdBNDBFRTM2RTA6NWIxYTc3NDlhNzU2NGQ3ZmY3YjhmYTcxMjUwYWY5YjQ6Ojo6OjA=It is absolutely wonderful to lather up and bathe with one of these luxurious bars!  An EXTRA-ordinary experience!

For a long time……..a long, long time…in human history, humans had their own distinctive odor, just like dogs do, or cattle or pigs. No one got all worked up about it, no one cared. The smells that a person never noticed  then would blow you away, today.

The Not So Hygienic History of the 17th Century, by Andrea Zuvich reports:

‘Many of us in the western world now have the luxury of bathing or showering daily, then we apply antiperspirants and perfume. Lots of us now know that germs are easily transferable from what you touch to your body. Naturally, people like to wash their hands with soap and water in order to reduce the chances of getting sick, and I’ve seen many people, including myself, use hand wipes, alcohol pads and more to get rid of dirt and germs.

That wasn’t the case in the 1600s.

This was a time of lice, fleas, intestinal worms (yes), plague, and pestilence.’

Let’s face it, homes were not heated at all in most of the rooms during cold winters. It would not occur to most of us to strip off our clothing under those conditions and slosh down with the cold water available. Submerging oneself in water was considered pretty risky anyway, an invitation to disease and even containing a whiff of sexual debauchery.  ‘Wiping’ oneself down with a rag (with or without water) was sometimes practiced, and making pomanders and perfumed flower bouquets (nose gays)  to press to the nose under a particularly violent body-odor attack from those resistant to risk was pretty routine.

Genuine historical articles have been preserved, listing a wife’s complaint that a husband was too ripe to procreate. However, it is said that Beau Brummell bathed daily, and, though at first viewed with horror and contempt, gradually sold aristocrats on the idea, proving again that unpopular ideas do become accepted in time.

With some cultural advancement, feeble swipes at smells were made in the form of wavering public bathhouse attendance, with due diligence to the sin of excessive hygiene and the possibility of disease.

But to take the high-road, here……….

We became thoroughly ‘modernized’ in the 1950’s, and with that, we made a full frontal assault on smells. The deodorant soap was born! This harshly-scented product had powers that convinced all but the most stalwart resisters that chemical-clean was clean, indeed.

But, just as we’ve evolved from Wonder Bread building strong bodies 12 ways with a string of chemicals and empty flour, we have moved away from harsh, chemical-laden soaps. The natural soap has arrived!

Carroll Rygh Soaps! Just the name sounds opulent and rich! Each beautiful bar is hand-crafted. stirred and cut to ensure perfect quality and exceptional skin benefits. Each individual bar is delicately scented with high-quality essential oils, natural fragrances……..or completely unscented.

This sumptuous soap is a real treat.

Indulge, friends.