IMG_0120Excerpt from Core Hollow:

As I stand here in the wet, sloppy snow, in the low light of the late winter sun, I can rehash to you once again the jaded story of love plus un-forgiveness, that old tale you’ve all heard too many times to care. A story featuring the faithless, rocky hills we presumed to live on, a quarreling of willful wind and wolves, the duplicity of dead-cold winters, the hard-to-get scramble of wood and water and food. Put your finger on a Wisconsin map, choose that hard-hearted space between bleak wind-scoured farmhouses and stony, unrelenting toil, and you have landed.

Ed Gein lived around here, if that’s any consolation.

And while we’re at it, let’s call it a place of wild, winsome heart’s connection and abrupt, harsh, haunting beauty…a passion of purple blossom and sweetness under a downy blanket of sky blue…a fickle, feckless love lost forever……