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Turning Back Time

Come on! Admit it! A lot of us aging Baby Boomers would like to be younger. At least, we’d like to look younger. Potions, pills and even surgeries are big beauty business these days. And yes, friend, it costs money……….because it often works! The problem is this: That newly sculpted face is going to look […]

Hawkins Creek

Your Most Important Asset

If you were forced to jettison all you possess but could keep one item or asset, what would that be? Hmmm……..I’d keep my bulging bank account, wouldn’t you? Or, maybe all those family pictures! Oh, I know! I don’t want to give up being beautiful!  But wait! I love my new Lexus!  And I can’t […]

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Why do we look so OLD?!

What’s the problem? So many of us in our 50’s and 60’s are starting to look so old!  Oh, I realize some of us don’t want to flame our hair red or wear contact lenses or high heels or short and sassy skirts. But that’s not the issue. The real reason we look so old […]

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The Big C, Commitment

I decided to take a quantum leap and commit myself to walking every day. Perhaps two miles? Fortunately, I immediately thought of an excuse to scuttle the plan. It was the very same reason I did not visit a gym on a regular basis! Wow! A twofer. I would have to drive 10 miles into the […]

Dillon Dog and Me

Let’s Just Get Over It!

So, how did people get around before Henry Ford took pity on the masses and came up with the affordable automobile? I think it’s a no-brainer. They walked. Yes, I know that horses and donkeys decided to lend themselves to transportation endeavors long before Henry, but most people (that’s you and me, friend) couldn’t afford […]

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Two vital ‘P’ words

Most of us have that good old American work ethic. If you haven’t been inoculated  by the age of 5o, you are a rare one!  Be that as it may, most of us have been forced into production by now.  We stay busy every minute of every day.  Like hoeing a garden, we watch where […]


Does High Self-Esteem Make you Healthier?

Like me, you may be a woman over the age of 50. And, like me, you may have a lot more going on in your life than simply growing old gracefully! reports that six in ten of 2,000 women over 50 felt that modern life is geared toward a focus on younger women, while […]

Good things happen to those who squat!


So by this time I was standing along a dusty road, putting my toe out, getting ready to go….somewhere! I didn’t know where that would be when I jumped into the junk Cadillac of my journey to The Perfect Body, but never mind that. To fast forward, I was in for a long and bumpy […]

Habitual Boundaries


So, Ok. Out of the scatter-shot from the parts of my life I wanted to change, I decided on one BB, fitness, because one BB was all I thought I could pick up. In other words, I didn’t think, as yet, that much could be changed. This was not a new approach for me. I […]

Circling the cage


Feeling trapped by circumstances is one way to drive yourself into serious depression. Many people – and animals – become depressed when they feel that they cannot change their circumstances for the better. Bumping up against a brick wall or the end of a chain continually will cause them to quit trying and curl up […]

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