Hi, my name is Anne!

Like me, you may be a woman over the age of 50. And, like me, you may have a lot more going on in your life than simply growing old gracefully. Many women over 50 feel modern life is geared toward a focus on younger women, while others think that a lot of our concerns aren’t seen or talked about!

I was an ordinary, upper-middle aged woman who decided to change my life instead of waiting for circumstances around me to change. I was trapped by difficult circumstances, hadn’t a single idea of how to FREE MYSELF!

But here’s the kicker.

You have to start someplace. Just one little thing. And all the other things will follow. Join us and share your questions on how to change your life, how to free your soul, or divulge your secrets for remarkable achievement!

If that sounds like a plan, I invite you to join my blog!  Push the GO button with tips like:   Starting A New Business and Feeling Passionate, Not Persecuted!   Grandkids Come…..to Stay!   Where’s God?   Dating: Surviving the Meat Market,    and Men……The Over-55 Syndrome…. Plus everything else we REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

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