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It’s National Coffee Day!


Order your own private label coffee for friends, business associates, customers or resale! It’s real good!

At Core Hollow Coffee, we provide “private label” wholesale gourmet coffees to businesses, retailers and non profit organizations for high quality, personalized promotions, “thank yous” and fund raising events as well as for retail sales.
Good lookin’ old women drink Core Hollow Coffee!
I have been drinking coffee for years! Some of those decades were spent off the grid on Core Hollow Farm, way out there  in the wild, boiling up hobo coffee on the wood stove. I used one of those old-fashioned ceramic pots. I just filled it with water, dumped in the grounds, and boiled it. It is recommended to use a strainer when pouring it into a cup, but I’ve done it both ways. Just let the grounds settle. There is nothing like settling back in a chair on a chilly fall morning, the smell of coffee perking, that feel of hot iron, the crackle of coals moving in the firebox, pushing out the comfort of warm air.

To tell the truth, the need to sit and stare with a cup of coffee for at least a half-hour in the morning before moving on is a requirement for me. If I have to get to work earlier, I get up earlier to get my staring in.

Which proves, if you think about it, that we can always make room for the important needs in our lives!

And yes, I have moved on from Core Hollow Farm, but not from coffee, particularly Core Hollow Coffee! I love that little boost, that wonderful flavor, the fresh-ground organic simplicity that says starting my day is really worthwhile!

I keep it simple, no sugar or cream. If I used either of those, I would weigh 300 pounds and have no teeth left! I do drink a lot of coffee, friends. So naturally, I think coffee is a wonderful gift to myself, and to others.

Enjoy a steaming cup today!


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