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Generation Rex

dog holding a blank tablet pc lying on green grassSo women are choosing to raise dogs instead of children. So what? Aren’t there enough people in the world already? Dogs love their owners, don’t poop their pants, and don’t need a college savings fund. They simply love and admire a person for…..well, statistics prove money is no object when it comes to pampered pets! Now let’s flip that coin. On the backside of it winks the spook-eye of another entity; Anubis, the Egyptian anima-god of the dead with the snarling face of a dog……..and the body of a man. Hybrid animal/man images from ancient Pantheistic gods are still with us and are still imbued with the ability to terrify with shape-shifting and preternatural strength, such as the were-dogs and werewolves. And the shape-shifting of the human family? Pantheism is the new religion of nature worship, child sacrifice and its replacements…..the dog children.

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