?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Is medication the answer to EVERY thing?

We do know that it is the answer to hypothyroidism. This discouraging disorder not only makes it virtually impossible for a woman to lose weight, but leads to a cluster- flock of other symptoms, as well. Delores’ physician discovered that she had hypothyroidism and that she also suffered from metabolic syndrome, which was the physical shape and symptoms of a pre-diabetic or type two diabetic. These symptoms included a waist of more than 42″ circumference for women and difficulty maintaining normal weight.

And yes, weight was a problem. Delores had always had difficulty maintaining her weight. She had been on countless diets and had lost weight many times. She laughed grimly as she calculated all of the weight she had lost over her lifetime. She would love to present that to her 40-year-old fit physician!

Like, ‘I wonder if someone like you could even imagine what an accomplishment this really is!’

But all the effort was for nothing, because she had gained all the weight back and then some.

Delores had always been sensitive about her weight. She had felt, well, fat. She had also often felt powerless to change the situation. Doctors and fashion dictates had made her feel, when she thought about it, ashamed of herself! In doing so, she sometimes felt that she had forgotten who she really was, her own self-worth. Sometimes she had to remind herself of how successful she was at her business, how much her husband appreciated her, how her daughter viewed her as a best friend. Many times Delores  felt depressed, because she not only disliked her appearance, but now she was being punished for it by becoming ill.  In feeling depressed, she often ate addicting foods that eased the pain.

So, it was really a vicious circle.

So, did she just need to change her mindset? How about thinking some happy thoughts, and gaining some will-power? Was that the solution? It seemed to be!

But, of course, it’s not so simple. If it was simple, no one would be over-weight or suffer the illnesses that result from it. Many people have strong genetic predispositions to be over-weight. Others have social, financial or personal burdens that contribute to overweight.

Delores decided that she probably had at least two of those contributors. But, she was tired of blaming herself. She also felt that excusing herself was not the best solution in the long run. Excusing herself didn’t lead to action any more that chastisement did.

Often, our behaviors originate with our thinking.  Unhappy emotions are often a deep part of overweight. We sometimes ‘feed’ our minds with unhealthy thoughts, such as ‘I never do anything right.’ ‘My appearance sucks!’ ‘My health just keeps getting worse!’

It has been suggested that unhealthy thoughts literally cling to your flesh and make you fat! Why is that? It is because negative thoughts are a habit. The thoughts revolve over and over relentlessly unless replaced with more positive ideas, similarly the way excess calories, consumed again and again, lard the body with fat.

I’m kidding, right? Wrong. The mind has been discovered to have significant power over the body, even over disease.  A hopeful, happy disposition promotes healing energy throughout the body. It reduces inflammation and is a key component to improving hormonal function. This is why research shows that  some persons, strongly predisposed to heart and metabolic conditions, have none of these conditions! Invariably, they are contented persons with strong social and family connections, strong reasons for happiness and pursuit of  useful endeavors.

Like educating oneself on negative thought patterns, a paradigm brain chemistry change on negative foods is imperative for a new, healthy life-style.  Delores found this project more compelling than she had first considered. She was very interested in creating meals that were both nutritious and a taste-experience.

She could put her culinary skills to work for herself!

For once, she wouldn’t be ‘on a diet’, with all the deprivation and negativity that stirred up!