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Delores: Part 2

The trouble was, at times, Delores just didn’t feel well. She wasn’t really sick, she just felt…tired. That was it. At first she attributed it to being 60 years old. Sixty seemed to be on the cusp of old age. Why should she be getting older and expect to feel better?

When she really thought about it, though, it was probably her weight, combined with her Type 2 Diabetes. She hadn’t necessarily gained much weight in the last couple of years, but it seemed to have re-distributed itself. A glance in the mirror confirmed the fact that she was getting hunched between her shoulders, forcing her ribs down and her stomach out. But, that was a natural process of aging……….

Wasn’t it?

At any rate, she was surprised and displeased with her reflection in a three-way mirror at Chico’s last week.   Not only did she looked slouched and sloppy, but the dress she had wanted to purchase for a friend’s wedding was too tight!

Delores’ friend Mandy was recommended to a gym by her cardiologist, as she had high blood pressure.

” He told me working out with weights would possibly lower my pressures! Can you imagine that?” She said, excitedly.

Frankly, Delores couldn’t imagine visiting a gym at all. Gads! All those beautiful, fit people in spandex could become a very discouraging scenario. On top of that, how could lifting weights be good for a person’s heart or joints? Delores had enough joint twinges to know she didn’t want to upset the apple cart. Mandy had made the decision to try the gym, and was pretty persistent for a partner, but Delores said NO, and firmly.  She had never considered a gym work-out in her life. Mandy was always up for something new, from Yoga to dance class. She seldom stuck any of them out very long, and Delores was sure this would be another flash-in-the-pan for fitness.

Delores thought maybe taking a walk once in a while would help. It would certainly beat the gym for ease of access. She lived in a nice suburb with a lovely lake a few feet from her home. She knew there was a walking path around the entire lake. Of COURSE, she wouldn’t walk the 5 miles around the lake! But, maybe she’d take a walk and see how it went.

Delores did try walking, and she brought her old dog, Herb, with her on his leash. However, she walked a little farther than she should have, which really tired her out. The next day she decided to take a break from walking, and an entire week went by until she thought about walking again.

In failing to continue, Delores failed to plan, which many of us do when it comes to fitness. We plan out our day for everything else, but exercise seems to be just something we can manage if we have the time. Unfortunately, like all worthy goals, fitness takes perseverance and effort. That means a person will need to plan a certain time every day for exercise, and  do it.

Delores also over-did herself on her first walking day, which is not very encouraging for continuance.  Setting reasonable goals is the first step toward helping yourself get fit. Make it an easy goal at first, because once in a while after recovery will not work for a fitness goal.

Herb, however, proved even more persistent than Mandy. He was accustomed to walking with Delores’ husband, and now he had been presented with an opportunity for two walks!

Delores pushed her feet into her new Adidas and picked up Herb’s leash.


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