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As for Core Hollow, it’s not true I’ve never been back there. I have. It’s full of ghosts. I should know.

I was pulled back to its emptiness….once…pulled back by family ties and lies…and of course, those family secrets. The kind of family relationships we all have, right?

They’re called the Family Drama of Un-Forgiveness….As if you didn’t know.

Anne Lafferty/





BookCoverImageBut now, I did so want you to see us as a nice family, a family that loved each other and had some heartache and mostly good things happen to them…the kind of family un-planning that just seems to happen for some people, the lucky people.


I mean, so what if it’s the kind of family lie everyone tells their friends? Wouldn’t you just like to believe in a family affair featuring happiness?

In that, I have failed.

Anne Lafferty/





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