Pared to the Bone

Paredtothebone-Book-Cover-Small    Once we dwelt deep in wooded places…..hunting our food, keeping our fires, listening to the wild old songs of the night creatures. We slept on the ground, saw the moon hang itself up in the snag trees, watched a tide of stars wash in splendor over it all.

In passing we found ourselves forever changed, our hearts altered in some ineffable way, like feral children stolen back from the wild, unable, ever, to be the way we were before.

We remain people of two worlds, that one, and the one we inhabit today. Pared To The Bone is the doorway, the entrance to the world we left behind, that other one…

 In her true story that reads like like a novel, Anne Lafferty recalls the years spent living off the grid   with her family. Here she is to tell us so much more! Amazing woman.



Anne has opened my eyes about life, living off the grid. While reading her story, I was very much taken for an adventure as seen through the eyes, felt in the heart and lived in the mind of this courageous and beautiful souled woman, on the journey of her life during her and her family’s 15 years at Core Hollow. The linguistics she uses to speak the language of her heart, putting it to book form, easily captures one’s attention. It’s not hard to get lost in her story, mourning with her at the loss of some beloved animal, sharing her understandings that no matter if one is tired or cold, animals need tending, food needs preserving and family needs to be loved. I find that her knowledge about living off the grid is amazing!

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